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  • 演员: Smita Hai / 索纳利·萨查德夫 / 什沙尔·夏尔马
  • 地区: 印度
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The Perfect Girl创作于印度地区,具有Hindi语言版本。由Prakash Nambiar执导,并由Prakash Nambiar任编剧,携幕后团队创作。集众多位Smita Hai、索纳利·萨查德夫、什沙尔·夏尔马、Tara-Alisha Berry、Ashutosh Chabbra、Vikram Singh Chauhan、Raju Kher、Ashwin Kodange、Asha Sharma等著名实力派明星加盟。于2015-09-11(印度)公映。


A young boy (Jay) and a girl (Vedika) happen to meet in the tourist town of Goa. They spend some time together and realise that they are perfect for each other. However life has other plans. Many years later, in Mumbai, they cross each other. But the memory of their time together is so distant, it takes a while for Jay to recollect. By the time he remembers, she is lost in the ...

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