New Order


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  • 豆瓣评分:  未知
  • 导演: Marco Rosson
  • 演员: 弗兰科·内罗 / 塔蒂亚娜·卢特 / 费德里克·罗西
  • 类型:科幻 / 惊悚 / 奇幻
  • 地区: 意大利
  • 片长: 80分钟
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New Order2012年科幻、惊悚、奇幻类型片,创作于意大利地区,具有英语语言版本。由Marco Rosson执导,并由Marco Rosson任编剧,携幕后团队创作。集众多位弗兰科·内罗、塔蒂亚娜·卢特、费德里克·罗西、David Wurawa、James Kelly、Margherita Remotti、Michele Basso等著名实力派明星加盟。于2012-12-12(意大利)公映。


The year is 2033, three years prior an infection, a virus, or a bacteriological attack wiped out almost 90% of the global population. Cities are no longer a safe place to live, rotting corpses are spreading new diseases. A **** called New Birth **** was set up by what's left of global government and military, a place where humanity could survive and search for a cure. The resea...

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