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The Dancer Diaries剧情内容介绍

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The Dancer Diaries剧情内容介绍

The Dancer Diaries

Introduced by burlesque icon Tempest Storm, the strippers of Portland, Oregon finally get their close-up in this unique feature. The behind-the-scenes look at real-life strippers adds an air of realism to this work of fiction based on the book. Every stripper has its own troubles & dreams. One stripper is being pursued by a stalker. Tired of feeling like a victim, the hunted be...

发布于2019年。由Andy Norris执导,并且由编剧Andy Norris携幕后团队创作。集众多位坦皮斯特·斯托姆、Whim Grace、West Ramsey等著名实力派明星加盟。


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